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Chase Diamond began handicapping professionally in 2006 back then it was a email base business and being fresh out of school it was more part time then it was full time. But times have changed literally from the time he wakes up at 730 am until he closes down shop at 8 pm he works on handicapping around the clock. Chase started out working for others behind the scenes at many offshore books and then with a few major websites. He then decided to start his own sports investment service. He has become one of the top sports handicappers on the internet winning many major top ten handicapping awards. Handicapping sporting events today takes a huge time commitment and unwavering dedication to success. Chase determines the viability of teams by studying game action, box scores, personnel, coaches,stats,trends,past history, game conditions and weaknesses to create the most comprehensive prediction of that game’s outcome. Chase loves to zero in on just the right underdog, and dislikes being on heavy public favorite teams. Sports handicapping is a formula of putting together as many winning trends and edges as possible to allow for the best chance of winning in this industry. Chase came up with a personal slogan for his clients that’s simple: “Trust in Chase Diamond”- and it couldn’t hold anymore truth because thousands of clients trust in Chase every month to bring them home a nice profit. Games are rated on the scale below and I recommend betting 100 dollars per unit for big bettors and 10 dollars per unit for the smaller guys. 10* Top Play 8* Very Strong Play. Below are some of my more recent sports handicapping records.  

2011 CFB 75-55 58% +14,170
2016 CFB 78-55 59% +17,920
2012 MLB 205-150 58% +14,170
2013 MLB 288-225 57% +11,850
2014 MLB 319-245 57% +36,680
2015 MLB 316-256 56% +27,340
2012-13 NBA 129-103 56% +15,090
2013-14 NBA 156-115 58% +24,590
2015-16 NBA 119-105 54% +4,540
2013-14 NFL 66-43 60% +16,120
2014-15 NFL 77-63 56% +6,500
2015-16 NFL 67-55 55% +5,100
2017 NFL Regular Season 66-42 61% +19,520 dollars

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Chase’s 10* Thursday Night Lockdown
This game features the 1-1 Titans at the 0-2 Jaguars as we all saw in Detroit last week teams seem to step it up at home and with their backs to the wall one more loss and the Jags are 0-3 and basically the season is toast. Thursday night games are usually always very tough on the visiting team and I think the Titans got way to much credit for that week one win. I think Ramsey will showcase himself on national TV and the Jaguars get their first win of the season with the public set up to be taken big time off their big Browns win on Monday night. 10* Jags

9/19/2019WINNERCollege Football
Chase’s 10* CFB Blank Check Thursday
This game features the Houston Cougars at the Tulane Green Wave. Public bettors continue to run to the window to bet this Houston team and I have no clue why other then the people have seen them hang in big games against Auburn and Washington State but this is Tulane’s big game on national TV look for Tulane to take them out big time. 10* TULANE

Rotation 304
Chase’s 10* MLB Platinum Club
This game features the 62-88 Mariners and the 65-85 Pirates my top guy in Vegas reached out to me with a rare end of season baseball play and I was all ears especially after his easy hit with the big one this weekend. He’s going with a big play with the Pirates and I agree Mariners have won 2 in a row a rarity now they fly across the country to play a Pirates team that has lost 3 straight and has their best arm on the mound. Mitch Keller has a 8.29 ERA and is in desperate need of a win. 10* Winner on Pirates here.

Rotation 976
Chase’s 10* MLB Ultimate Revenge
This game features the 82-66 Nationals at the 83-66 Cardinals. Both teams need the win here on Monday night but the Nationals have a seasoned veteran on the mound that is in need of a good start off two lackluster ones. Cardinals seem to have hit a wall losing two games at home to the Brewers. Nats have veteran on the mound who will get it done as we wont fall for the plus money carrot here. 10* Nationals
Chase’s 10* NFL Platinum Club
Write-up (analysis): This game features the 1-0 Eagles at the 0-1 Falcons. Eagles almost got blown away by the Redskins at home and then in the second half they woke up and won the game. Falcons got absolutely run over by a freight train on Sunday losing big to the Vikings. I talked to my top guy in Vegas and he is on the Falcons in a big way and I agree as public betting has been huge on the road Eagles and I look for the sheep to line up on Sunday night for the slaughter. 10* Winner Falcons plus the points here

Rotation 288
Chase’s 10* NFL Main Event
This game features the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders. Raiders win last week was no fluke this team is full of young hungry players that want to win for Coach Gruden. Chiefs will struggle a little without Tyreek Hill and lets remember this is a home game for the Raiders in a bitter rivalry game that the Raiders will do anything to win. 10* Raiders plus the points.

Rotation 282
9/14/2019LOSERCollege Football
Chase’s 10* CFB Vegas Insider
This game features the 1-1 Army at the 1-1 UTSA. Tremendous let down for Army last week as they were seconds away from beating one of the top teams in the country and on the road now on back to back road games they take on hapless UTSA or so they think. I expect Army not to be into this game and for this game to be close like that michigan game was right until the final seconds when Army pulls away. 10* UTSA plus the points here

Rotation 142
9/13/2019WINNERCollege Football
Chase’s 10* CFB Main Event 9/13
Write-up (analysis): This game features the 2-0 North Carolina Tar Heels and the 2-0 Wake Forest. North Carolina off a huge emotional home win over rival Miami now they have to take to the road to take on Wake Forrest who are primed off two wins. Public is backing North Carolina here after how they looked at Miami but Wake is the much better team at home and on ESPN ready to show that loud home crowd what they have this season. Big value here at -3 if you can get that line. 10* winner minus the points Wake Forest
Chase’s 10* NFL Ultimate Revenge
This game features the 0-1 Buccaneers at the 0-1 Panthers. Normally I like to take the home team on Thursday games but the books giving us a ton of value with a Bucs team that looked brutal on opening day especially Winston at QB I expect a much better effort from him in a game that should play like the Texans and Saints. 10* Bucs plus the points
Chase’s 10* MLB Diamond Dogs
This game features the 90-56 Braves and the 75-69 Phillies. Both Eflin who has playing for his starting pitching career and the Phillies who have their backs to the wall tonight need wins if they want to catch the scuffling Cubs. Braves not much to play for and Dallas Keuchel very hittable. Phillies are desperate and at home and a dog all things I love to bet on. 10* Phillies

Rotation 952