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I have been handicapping full-time since 2012 working for big money clients on their sports investing. Before doing that I worked behind the scenes for several local books making sure the line they were giving out to the clients they were serving were designed to bring them the most profit. I felt like after talking to my friends Mitch and Craig it was time to bring my expertise in sports investing to his many clients and customers at an affordable price. I specialize in MLB,NFL,CFB Bowls and post season College Basketball. My plays are rated below they come in 2 ratings and I follow a strict money structure of betting the same specified amount on 9* plays and a special specified amount on 10* plays.

9* This play should be bet at 500 dollars
10* This play should be given a 1000 dollars investment

For smaller bankrolls I say cut the above amount in half and buy a plan of mine long term to maximize your profits since you will be investing less money.

Plays are normally out before 10am ET

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I have been working with the top sports investors in Las Vegas for over 10 years and no one offers the value that I do on a daily basis no huge cards with a million plays on average 3 plays daily. 

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9/20/2019WINNERCollege Football
Brian’s 10* CFB Friday Night Vegas Strip Move
Write-up (analysis): Been pretty successful with my takes on USC this year played them against Stanford played BYU over them last week and this week I am back on them as I see this team rebounding here at home where it is always tough on the visitors. USC has the better roster and this game is also a revenge payback for last year when Utah put a Kabosh on USC big season. I think Utah might get caught looking ahead to undefeated Washington State here as I am riding USC with the points as the big bettors have USC and the small guys love Utah.

Invest 10 units on USC rotation #306
Brian’s 10* NFL Executive Info Winner 9/19
Write-up (analysis): Everyone saw the Tennessee Titans beat up on the Browns in week 1 but was it them or all the penalty’s that the Browns committed this Jags team and its coaching staff is in much win territory if Doug loses this game I think he is out as coach. Also look for this Jags defense to show up and for the running game to take root tonight.

Titans are 16-34-3 ATS vs. a team with a losing record.
Home team is 6-2-1 ATS in their last 9 meetings.

Invest 10 units on the Jaguars rotation #302
Brian’s 10* MLB Executive Info Winner
Cardinals have just shown us they are better they did it last night and I love them again tonight despite our pitching disadvantage. Mikolas has been prone to have the bad game but with so much on the line tonight I see him bringing his A game. Cardinals hold a razor tight lead on the hard charging Cubs and can not afford a loss. 48-28 at home in St.Louis and this pitching match up has given us an excellent price on this playoff seasoned team.

Invest 10 units on the Cardinals here rotation #956
Brian’s 10* NFL Monday Night Investment
This game I wish the Jets had their key starating guys Mosley and Darnold but they don’t and this line is being heavily bet Browns by the public and usually on Monday night you wanna side with the books who usually have a great line I just can’t pull the trigger on this Jets team against a hungry embarrassed Browns team. I really feel like you will see around 28 points from them tonight and somehow I think the Jets get a last second touchdown giving them 24 but we will see. I’m going over here.

10 unit investment on the OVER in the Browns at Jets
Brian’s 10* NFL President’s Choice
Squares unite here on Dallas as up until I wrote this it was one of the most bet sides on the card today with road Dallas getting around 78% of the bets and 79% of the money. Washington Redskins have a ton of jobs on the line and cannot have a bad start on the year and blowing the huge first half lead in Philadelphia was not the start they wanted. These Cowboys Redskins games are always hard fought and this one should come down to a field goal. Sheep get taken to the slaughter today but not us we will be riding on Washington.

Invest 10 units on Washington rotation #272
Brian’s 10* NFL Executive Info Winner
Their are some huge public trap games this week and this is one of them as we get the Lions in a very good spot to take a chance on them. It is their home opener playing a team that that flew across the country and is playing at 1pm est never a good thing for west coast teams add to that the way the Lions blew a huge 4th quarter lead I am sure the coach hit them hard all week. Chargers off big overtime win. This line just screams to the squares to bet it big and so far they are as 74% of the bets and 62% of the money are going with the road team here.

Chargers are 1-6-2 ATS in their last 9 games in September.

Invest 10 units on the Lions rotation #264
9/14/2019WINNERCollege Football
Brian’s 10* CFB President’s Choice
Guys South Carolina did not start off the season as expected as they lost as a favorite at rival North Carolina now hated Alabama is in town as 25 point favorites and the typical squares are backing the Crimson Tide it basically clockwork but South Carolina is talented and I expect this game to be close at halftime and for Alabama to have to score late to put themselves up 14 to 17 points so getting 25 here with a team at home and with the public on the other side in a big way gets us great bang for our buck.

Underdog is 4-1 ATS in their last 5 meetings.

Invests 10 units on South Carolina here rotation #138
Brian’s 10* CFB Friday Night Investment
Write-up (analysis): Boy another year another crappy Kansas team but are they Boston College Eagles 21 points better then the Jay Hawks I think not. This BC team has rival Rutgers on deck next week and has a nice 2-0 start on the year but that start has given us a nice chance to get some extra points with Kansas. This team has been drilled hard this week and I expect them to come out fast.

Invest 10 units on Kansas here rotation #105
Brian’s 10* NFL Thursday Prime Time Investment
Write-up (analysis): Both teams in desperate need of a win and really I don’t think it is possible for Winston to look worse then he did in week 1 throwing two huge picks that cost his team the game. Panthers are not world beaters their offense is lacking as well and Newton just does not seem right. I don’t think Tampa wins but this game should be within a touch down the entire game and if its not I could easily see this back dooming for us.

Invest 10 units on Tampa Bay rotation #101
Brian’s 10* NFL Total of the Week
The New Orleans Saints used to be known as a big offensive team and not so much for their defense but that has changed as the defense has caught up to the offense. Texas also have a very good pass rush and I think this game will be very low scoring as both teams want to get off on the right foot. This total has dropped a point despite money on the over. Big value here on the total.

Invest 10 units on the UNDER here in the Texans at Saints