Kent State vs Ohio U - Most Important Game of the Season in the Milton Household!

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Triple Threat Sports - 11/10/2015 3:33 AM
Before every season starts, I isolate a series of game that I call - with apologies to a colleague as this is his term that I have blatantly stolen since it works so well for what I do - "Mark Your Calendar" games. These are contests that offer great situations for a variety of reasons, and they are almost an insta-play for me when they come up. They are 2-0 this year, with both of them being outright upsets by underdogs! Ohio U is one o those MYC games...but I cannot pull the trigger on them as a star rated play- here is why:

First, let's talk about why this is such a tremendous situation. Note that last year Ohio played at Kent in the season opener, was missing some MASSIVE components to a bowl team from the previous year, suffered a -4 turnover ratio, and STILL won the game. Now they are much, much more experienced, are at home, and have the scheduling edge of having played last Wednesday while KSU played (and what I didnt know in the preseason) and lost a heartbreaker on Saturday. Add all this up, and a play on the Bobcats seems in order.

However, as mentioned I just cannot pull the trigger here, as OU is extremely banged up, has lost three in a row, and the Golden Flashes only big losses this season have come against conference heavyweights, and at 2-3 OU does not qualify for that distinction. Make no mistake, I still lean with Ohio in this one, but laying a full seven I cannot make my beloved Cats (yes, I attended OU...long live The Burrito Buggy) a star rated play.

If you are looking for some action on the #MACtion tonite, I would go with a Central Michigan (+) // Ohio (-) teaser, and hope for the best!

(My #MACtion will be a little different, as Mrs. Milton went to Kent State and get the idea, as this game is always an, ahem, "important" one in our household. If you do not get the reference, just think of Bret Bielema's quote after the Ole Miss win.) --> I'm out!

Thanks, and Have a Great Day!

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