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Anthony Michael Instant Purchase
This Pick can be bought with Free CreditBACK TO THE NBA ON TNT FOR A THURSDAY WINNER!!!
Date: 2/23/2017
The NBA is back from the All-Star break on Thursday and the NBA on TNT returns with a big time double header. Anthony will be watching both games and will be WINNING BIG on one of those games!!! Get on this one with me for just a mere $25 guaranteed or only $10 non-guaranteed!!! Get on this one to watch and win with Anthony!!!
NBA $10.00
Jeffrey James Instant Purchase
This Pick can not be bought with Free CreditTHE NBA PROVIDES THE THURSDAY PLAY OF THE DAY!!!
Date: 2/23/2017
The winners just keep coming from Jeffrey lately and Thursday will be no exception!!! I have scoured the entire Vegas big board to identify the single best play you can find and that play goes in the NBA on Thursday!!! Get on it with me for just $20 guaranteed or only $10 non-guaranteed!!! A super low price for simply the best play on the board from Jeffrey!!!
NBA $10.00
Jimmy Moore Instant Purchase
This Pick can not be bought with Free CreditBIG TIME NHL WINNER FROM JIMMY ON THURSDAY!!!
Date: 2/23/2017
Deke the goalie and SCORE a big time winner on Thursday night with Jimmy in the NHL!!! I LOVE one game going on the frozen pond and you will love the price since you pay me ONLY $25 guaranteed or ONLY $10 non-guaranteed!!! The playoff races are heating up in the NHL so now is a great time to join Jimmy on this big puckin' winner!!!
NHL $10.00