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Jimmy Moore Instant Purchase
This Pick can be bought with Free CreditSATURDAY AFTERNOON WINNER ON THE ICE FROM JIMMY!!!
Date: 2/29/2020
Jimmy LOVES one game on the ice on Saturday and if you want to jump on board this winner with me you need to act early since this one goes in the afternoon! Get your winning out of the way early in the NHL on Saturday with this big puckin' winner!!! The price is awesome since you can join me on this winner for ONLY $25 guaranteed or ONLY $10 non-guaranteed!!!
NHL $10.00
College Basketball
Jeffrey James Instant Purchase
This Pick can be bought with Free CreditSATURDAY'S PLAY GOES IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL!!!
Date: 2/29/2020
JOIN JEFFREY on Saturday for the highest rated play of the entire sports betting day!!! The price is right to cash in with Jeffrey since you pay me just $20 guaranteed or only $10 without any guarantee!!! Join me on the best possible play so you can cash in with Jeffrey on Saturday!!!
College Basketball $10.00
Anthony Michael Instant Purchase
This Pick can be bought with Free CreditPRIME TIME IS ANTHONY TIME ON SATURDAY NIGHT!!!
Date: 2/29/2020
Anthony LOVES one of the big time TV games going on Saturday night and you can join me!!! The price is right at just $25 guaranteed or only $10 non-guaranteed so you have no excuse for missing out on this big time TV winner. Get on this game and fire up your TV and make sure you know where the ticket cashing line is.
College Basketball $10.00