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The Millionaires Club 9-2 81.82%
Every selection we release is our Game of the Year! We only release strong selections as we cater to High Rollers that play large sums of money on our selections. We tend to release about five to seven selections a week. If your a High Roller and have the discipline to play an average of one play per day than we have what your looking for.
Sports Brokers 4-0 100.00%
Like our name states we are Sports Brokers. We study the sports service industry for the hot handicappers and the respected names that have a solid reputation with their handicapping. We do not rely on consensus services as we personally subscribe to the handicappers that we follow. We do the work for you so you can handle your everyday life. We also have access to serious money moves that are made both on shore and off shore as we know where the smart money is going. This is the future of sports handicapping we invest a lot of time and money into our business as we feel this is the best way to make money with your sports investment. Our selections are rated all the same with NO GAME OF THE YEARS! We are in this for the LONG RUN so sit back and let us do the work for you! If you have any questions about our service you can contact us through this web site.
Bottom Line Sports 2-0 100.00%

Andrew Powers 1-0 100.00%
Consultant to some of the world's biggest sports gamblers, Andrew's selections buried bookmakers both on and off shore. Andrew was convinced to take his winning selections public in 1993. Since then, Andrew has owned and operated Power Play Sports Service and has become one of the most honored handicappers in the world.

While football is clearly his expertise, Andrew has fared extremely well in basketball, baseball and hockey. Put it this way, if you can bet on it Andrew can pick the winner!

No stone is left unturned in his quest to bring winners to his clients. Andrew understands many of you are busy professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking for strong investment opportunities while enjoying your favorite sports.

When you play with Power Play Sports you can be assured you are investing your money with a handicapper that has a proven track record and knows how to win!
The Consensus Group 2-1 66.67%
The Consensus Group is the future of sports handicapping!

We have recruited the best handicappers in the nation to form the strongest team of handicapping experts to form The Consensus Group!

Now the fun begins! Each handicapper submits their top plays of the day to our main computer system. The information is then fed into our Super Computer Program to tabulate the best selections of the day. The computer system knows more about each handicapper then they actually do! The system knows each handicappers strengths and weaknesses. It also takes into consideration the handicappers current form, are they on winning streaks or losing streaks. . But the most portable tool that this program does is matching the handicapper's selections against each other. This is a key component of our selections as when certain handicappers are on the same games with a high rating, our computer knows the actual win/loss percentage of these games. Finally after all the in depth analysis is done a rating is determined on that days selections giving us the strongest selections on the days games! It is a formula for great success that is a technology breakthrough in sports handicapping.

If you are looking for Strong Selections from handicappers that are Proven Winners than you have come to the right place. Good Luck!

Tex Green 3-2 60.00%

Hockey Guru 3-0 100.00%

We finally got our guy! We have been trying to sign this guy for the last five years! He goes by a different name on other sites but on YouWinNOW we call him the HOCKEY GURU! He knows more about Hockey than anyone on the planet! His selections are all rated one way...HUGE! No ratings just WINNERS! Join the STRONGEST HOCKEY HANDICAPPER now on Do not miss these winners! We play BIG DOGS and BIG FAVORITES and any where in between you can't be shy we know how to make money it's called information!!

More to come!

Big Al McMordie 20-12 62.50%
Al McMordie is the most honored technical handicapper in the country.

Some highlights: In 2012, Big Al ranked #1 in the NFL, with a 76.7% record on his Late Phone Service, as documented by The Sports Monitor. Of course, Al’s not one to rest on his laurels, and was 189-134 in Pro Football in 2013-2014.

In 2007, Big Al won the $100,000 World Series of Sports Handicapping, and also finished #1 in March Madness.

In 2004, Al won the most prestigious handicapping contest in Las Vegas -- The Stardust Invitational.

Overall, in the last 23 years, Big Al has garnered 39 NUMBER ONE awards in Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey; 162 Top 5 finishes; and 315 Top 10 finishes. Al is a featured handicapper both on National TV and Radio, as well as at the most prestigious gambling web sites. Additionally, in 2002, Big Al was featured in FHM Magazine, and he was featured in ESPN Magazine in 2010.

In 2000, Al was 157-114 in football, including 10-0 (100%) in the NFL Playoffs. Al has won 16 of his 23 football seasons. Another highlight of Al's career came in 1997, when Big Al was ranked #1 by SPORTS WATCH in College Football/NFL Win Percentage and #1 in College Football Regular Season/Bowls by THE SPORTS MONITOR. Al has one of the best basketball records over the past 23 seasons (winning 18 of 23 seasons), and was ranked #1 in baseball for the 1996 and 2001 seasons, and #1 in hockey in 2014. For consistency across all four sports, you can count on Al McMordie.

Indeed, the Las Vegas Sporting News recognized Al in its December 17, 1996 issue, and wrote that: "[Al's] honesty, integrity, [and] skills...are obvious....We have been impressed by [his] uncanny ability to pick big underdogs that win the game straight-up....We've seen handicappers come and go, and get hot and cold, but no one has been as consistent over time as McMordie, and we strongly urge you to consider him as your handicapper."

Besides being a champion handicapper, Al McMordie is a corporate attorney, and earned his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Michigan. Al resides in Los Angeles, California.
Matt Fargo 17-11 60.71%
PERFECT 3-0 Monday following a SIZZLING 23-14 last week overall and he ends October with another HUGE week! The NBA is off to a 9-2 start and Matt is a SWEET 17-4 run L21! Top Play Tuesday on the way! 314-270 NHL!
Jeffrey James 5-1 83.33%
Jeffrey James is a newcomer to the handicapping scene. Not new to handicapping just new to releasing plays to the general public. His approach is unique in that he doesn't like to release any more than one play per day and he doesn't like to rate his plays with stars or anything else. His approach is simple - one play per day that is the best play of the day. It doesn't matter what sport, it may be football, basketball, hockey or baseball. Jeffrey just likes to identify the best play of the day and fire in on that play. Jeffrey is making his plays available EXCLUSIVELY here on since he only wanted to release his plays if they would be reasonably priced for everyone. If you are an action player who plays multiple games just for action, Jeffrey may not be your man but if you just want to get the best play on the board each day regardless of the sport then Jeffrey is perfect for you.
Golden Contender 11-3 78.57%
Golden Contender, a sports wagering consultant, is known and respected nationwide for his no nonsense approach and work ethic. Beating the books takes a lot of hard work and strong information.Golden Contender leaves no stone unturned - every game on the board is thoroughly analyzed. A tremendous amount of time is taken handicapping the games, utilizing many factors to determine the outcomes. The combination of time backed technical systems with situational and fundamental idealogies provide a clear cut advantage. After analyzing all of the day's data, he then turns to powerful offshore information to put it all together. Gc has solid offshore contacts who provide information on where the sharp money is going as well as what the squares who reload their accounts weekly are playing. The combination of solid 'capping and offshore steam, together with superior money management make for solid investments. These selections can be wagered on with confidence. If you are tired of all the usual promises and service hype and want to play with a reputable source who wagers on his own selections, now is the time to jump on board.

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