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Steam On-Line 3-2 60.00%
When handicapping sports you need to be flexible. At Steam On-Line Sports we use all three forms of Handicapping: Fundamental, Situational and Technical. We spend countless hours every day analyzing the days games to determine our winners! If you are looking for QUALITY not QUANTITY then go with Steam On-Line, it will be the best move you will ever make!

All of the games we use are STRONG! Our rating scale is based on "percentage of bankroll" what that means is that if we use a 5% play and your bankroll is $1000 than you would play $50 on that selection. If we release a 10% selection and your bankroll is $1000 than you would wager $100 on that play. Over the full season this method of money management is the best way to make the most money. As you will be betting more during winning streaks and reducing your bets during losing streaks.

It is all about making money, and yes you can make money in this business! We prove it every day of every week of every month of every year! This is not a sprint it is a marathon. You need to be disciplined and follow a winner! With Steam On-Line you are doing both when you purchase our Guaranteed Selections!

Sports Brokers 5-2 71.43%
Like our name states we are Sports Brokers. We study the sports service industry for the hot handicappers and the respected names that have a solid reputation with their handicapping. We do not rely on consensus services as we personally subscribe to the handicappers that we follow. We do the work for you so you can handle your everyday life. We also have access to serious money moves that are made both on shore and off shore as we know where the smart money is going. This is the future of sports handicapping we invest a lot of time and money into our business as we feel this is the best way to make money with your sports investment. Our selections are rated all the same with NO GAME OF THE YEARS! We are in this for the LONG RUN so sit back and let us do the work for you! If you have any questions about our service you can contact us through this web site.
Bottom Line Sports 3-2 60.00%

The Consensus Group 10-7 58.82%
The Consensus Group is the future of sports handicapping!

We have recruited the best handicappers in the nation to form the strongest team of handicapping experts to form The Consensus Group!

Now the fun begins! Each handicapper submits their top plays of the day to our main computer system. The information is then fed into our Super Computer Program to tabulate the best selections of the day. The computer system knows more about each handicapper then they actually do! The system knows each handicappers strengths and weaknesses. It also takes into consideration the handicappers current form, are they on winning streaks or losing streaks. . But the most portable tool that this program does is matching the handicapper's selections against each other. This is a key component of our selections as when certain handicappers are on the same games with a high rating, our computer knows the actual win/loss percentage of these games. Finally after all the in depth analysis is done a rating is determined on that days selections giving us the strongest selections on the days games! It is a formula for great success that is a technology breakthrough in sports handicapping.

If you are looking for Strong Selections from handicappers that are Proven Winners than you have come to the right place. Good Luck!

The Hammer 1-0 100.00%
"The Hammer" has made a mint betting only ONE play per day. His network of contacts ensures that his information is correct and right on the money! Get yourself acquainted with his innovative style of sports handicapping. It's time to HAMMER YOUR "man"!
Elite Sports Circle 1-0 100.00%


These five gentlemen combine for 60 plus years of handicapping excellence. They joined forces two years ago to form the ELITE SPORTS CIRCLE. Why choose the CIRCLE? These five gentleman have proven themselves over the years in many facets of the "sporting world". For example, they have combined a former top sport's writer, a professional oddsmaker, a computer wizard (and that's just the pretty stuff), to make a group selection for personal wagering. Located offshore in some very comfortable villas, these gentleman select only the play's they all agree on. Therefore you are not overloaded with nonsense (only winners). They do however stretch over the sporting realm and set no limit on the sports they will select. These five gentleman are not only business partners, they are very good friends as they wager very handsomely on all their selections. No one is sure who provoked them to go public, but we are very glad they have.

There are no fancy ratings from these gentlemen just winners. The CIRCLE is complete, the Winning start's now.

Wizard of Odds 1-0 100.00%
There is no other human alive that knows more about Numbers and Sports when you combined the two you have a lethal combination that KILLS Bookmakers! The Wizard of Odds knows more about the number than anyone. There are no ratings, there are no games of the year! There are just Winners! So make sure you join the Wizard of Odds for his Winning Spell each and every day!
Jimmy Moore 10-4 71.43%
Moore Sports with Jimmy Moore! Jimmy is a noted NFL, Basketball, and NHL Guru. Jimmy was a sports consultant for another service for over ten years until 2003 when he began making his selections available exclusively on!

I specialize in college and NBA basketball, the NFL and also handicap the NHL extensively. I also handicap baseball each day but am very selective with my baseball plays, which usually leads Moore sports customers to a profit each month.

I rate my plays 4, 5, 7 stars also 10 stars for game of the year plays. 4 star will be a normal rated play the 5 star plays will be game of the week or month plays and the 7 star plays will be top rated game of the month or year plays with only the 10* game of the year plays being rated higher. If you are looking for someone that really knows the game inside and out than Jimmy is your man! Jimmy does not consider this sports gambling he refers to it as sports investing. So make sure your next wager is an investment and not a gamble and go with Jimmy Moore Sports!

Sports Investment Group 1-0 100.00%
We have the BEST handicappers in the world on our team! When you decide to invest your hard earned money in one of our guaranteed selections you will not be disappointed in the results. Every selection we release is backed by hours of work and investigation. You must remember there are no sure things but our selections are the closest thing to a sure thing! You will not be disappointed! All selections are rated as ONE UNIT! No Bullshit game of the years here!

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