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Mike Neri is a Proven WINNER...
Mike Neri has been in the sports handicapping business for over twenty-one years. He has been on his own for eleven years now with his company, Mike Neri Sports. In those eleven years he has always had a winning season in Football, Basketball and Baseball. As a matter of fact, Mike is the NUMBER ONE College Football handicapper the last six years combined! Mike Neri has finished NUMBER ONE in all the major sports including WINNING over 67% in College Football in 1998 and finishing NUMBER ONE with the Sports Monitor! Mike had his best season ever two seasons ago (2005) hitting over 74% in College Football!! Mike finished NUMBER ONE in NFL football three season ago hitting on over 64% of his NFL selections! In the last eleven years in College Football Mike has finished over 70% six times!

Why Join Mike Neri Sports?
Mike Neri knows sports! The game changes constantly and you have to stay one step ahead of the linesmaker to stay on top. You cannot rely on outdated systems and back-fitted angles to produce winners. You have to get dirty and put in the time. Mike Neri has state-of-the-art computer programming to assist in the development of trend analyses. This information is incorporated in Football, Basketball and now Baseball. Also, knowledge and understanding of the teams is important. Mike must know the strengths and weaknesses of each and every team and know when to exploit them in the production of WINNERS for customers. “We only WIN at Mike Neri Sports when our customers win!”

Why are your prices so Inexpensive?
We get that question a lot! The reason we have reasonable pricing is that the overhead is kept to a minimum! There is no huge staff or salesmen to support. When you call Mike Neri Sports you talk to Mike Neri. Because the cost is so low the savings is passed on to you, the customer! Mike Neri’s record speaks for itself: you can charge a fair price and still lead the nation in WINNING! Because a service charges more does not mean they win proven at Mike Neri Sports. Prices in this industry have gotten totally out of hand! But not at Mike Neri Sports! So if you are interested in making some serious money, do yourself a favor and check out Mike Neri Sports! Isn’t it time you went with a PROVEN WINNER!?!

Mike Neri

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