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NBA Selections
Jimmy Moore
Date: 5/14/2021
Jimmy LOVES one game going in the NBA on Friday night and the price is certainly right since you can get all over this one with me for ONLY $25 guaranteed or ONLY $10 non-guaranteed!!! A very nice price to cash in big time with Jimmy heading into your weekend so make sure you are on this one with me!!!

X Jimmy Moore

Moore Sports with Jimmy Moore! Jimmy is a noted NFL, Basketball, and NHL Guru. Jimmy was a sports consultant for another service for over ten years until 2003 when he began making his selections available exclusively on!

I specialize in college and NBA basketball, the NFL and also handicap the NHL extensively. I also handicap baseball each day but am very selective with my baseball plays, which usually leads Moore sports customers to a profit each month.

I rate my plays 4, 5, 7 stars also 10 stars for game of the year plays. 4 star will be a normal rated play the 5 star plays will be game of the week or month plays and the 7 star plays will be top rated game of the month or year plays with only the 10* game of the year plays being rated higher. If you are looking for someone that really knows the game inside and out than Jimmy is your man! Jimmy does not consider this sports gambling he refers to it as sports investing. So make sure your next wager is an investment and not a gamble and go with Jimmy Moore Sports!

Jeffrey James
Date: 5/14/2021
Friday's highest rated play of the sports betting day goes in the NBA and you can get on this big time winner with Jeffrey for just a mere $20 guaranteed or only $10 non-guaranteed!!! A super low price for a big time winner so make sure you are jumping on board this one with me!!!

X Jeffrey James

Jeffrey James is a newcomer to the handicapping scene. Not new to handicapping just new to releasing plays to the general public. His approach is unique in that he doesn't like to release any more than one play per day and he doesn't like to rate his plays with stars or anything else. His approach is simple - one play per day that is the best play of the day. It doesn't matter what sport, it may be football, basketball, hockey or baseball. Jeffrey just likes to identify the best play of the day and fire in on that play. Jeffrey is making his plays available EXCLUSIVELY here on since he only wanted to release his plays if they would be reasonably priced for everyone. If you are an action player who plays multiple games just for action, Jeffrey may not be your man but if you just want to get the best play on the board each day regardless of the sport then Jeffrey is perfect for you.

Anthony Michael
Date: 5/14/2021
Anthony LOVES the NBA on ESPN this Friday night and you will love the price since you can get on this big time winner along with me for the awesome low price of just $25 guaranteed or only $10 non-guaranteed!!! A very nice price for a very big winner so jump on this one with me to score some $$$ heading into the weekend!!

X Anthony Michael

Anthony Michael is a brash young handicapper who LOVES betting the TV games. His style may be unorthodox but his results are excellent. He is brash and in your face but he is a winner. Stick with Anthony to be a winner in all of the big time TV games going in any sport that is on the tube.