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This Handicapper does NOT allows Free Credit to be used for picks Anthony Michael
Anthony Michael is a brash young handicapper who LOVES betting the TV games. His style may be unorthodox but his results are excellent. He is brash and in your face but he is a winner. Stick with Anthony to be a winner in all of the big time TV games going in any sport that is on the tube.

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Date: 6/1/2023
The NBA Finals open up on Thursday night and Anthony has you covered!!! I LOVE the side play in game 1 and you will love the low price since you can get all over this big winner with me for just $25 guaranteed or only $10 non-guaranteed!!! Join me on this super huge watch and winner on Thursday night!!!

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5/30/2023 - MLBWINNER
#904 New York Mets with Senga moneyline -130 (7:10 edt) TBS
Love the Mets here since Senga has looked solid this season while Suarez goes for the Phillies and he has looked awful in his limited work so far this season.  Philadelphia is dreadful on the road and the Mets are good at home.  Go with the M E T S Mets Mets Mets here.
5/29/2023 - NBAWINNER
#509 Miami Heat +7.5 (8:30 edt) TNT
Give me the Heat here since they will be laser focued on not becoming the first team in NBA history to lose a 3-0 series lead.  Not only that but they pretty much though they had game 6 won with a late bucket but Boston found a way to get a tip in at the buzzer.  Miami knows how to win in Boston and they will be focused here.  Boston will still be in celebration mode here after the way they forced this game.  Take the Heat and the points here.
5/29/2023 - MLBWINNER
#963 Los Angeles Angels with Canning moneyline +120 (8:10 edt) Fox Sports One
Love the Angels here since they are actually playing well this season, they will appreciate taking on a team from a lousy division and they are the better hitting team.  Chicago will see an uptick in competition since they have been playing divisional games lately so they may not be ready for this solid Angels team here.  Go with the Angels to watch and win with Anthony.
5/28/2023 - MLBLOSER
#907 - #908 Philadelphia Phillies - Atlanta Braves UNDER 8.5 -110 (7:05 edt) ESPN
Go under this total since both of these starters are very solid and the Phillies are not a good hitting team.  Now throw in Sunday which usually means some starters getting the game off and you have a very nice recipe for a low scoring game here.  Go under to watch and win with Anthony. 
5/27/2023 - MLBLOSER
#952 Atlanta Braves with Morton moneyline -135 (4:10 edt) Fox Sports One
Love the Braves here since Morton is very solid and the Braves are going to be focused on getting a home win as they have been better on the road so far this season.  Philadelphia is a much easier touch than the Dodgers who the Braves had to play in their previous series.  Go with the Braves here to watch and win with Anthony.
5/25/2023 - NBALOSER
#549 Miami Heat +8.5 (8:30 edt) TNT
Credit to the Celtics for avoiding the sweep and getting this series to a game 5 but can they put together another great game here?  Miami will be super motivated for a win to end the series and they know they can play much better defense than they did in game 4.  The Boston crowd can be a problem instead of an advantage if the Celtics fall behind.  Take Miami to get this cover here.
5/24/2023 - NHLLOSER
#15 - #16 Carolina Hurricanes - Florida Panthers UNDER 5.5 -125 (8:00 edt) TNT
Have to go under here since Florida has shown the ability to play lock-down defense that Carolina cannot solve and the Panthers will be very happy to play a close, low scoring game since that is how they have been winning the games in this series and throughout the playoffs.  Go low on this total to watch and win with Anthony.
5/23/2023 - NBALOSER
#546 Miami Heat -1.5 (8:30 edt) TNT
If you have watching any of this series you know how dominant the Heat have been especially in crunch time.  There is just no way you can look any other way than to the Heat here since they have been dominant in this series and they will be very motivated to end it right here and get maximum rest before the finals.  Yes the Heat are the 8 seed but they have been dominant in the playoffs and there is no reason to think otherwise here.  
5/22/2023 - NBAWINNER
#543 Denver Nuggets +3.5 (8:30 edt) ESPN
The Lakers have to be shell-shocked after falling apart in the 4th quarter to go down 0-3 in this series.  Denver just looks very unstoppable right now and they will be like sharks smelling blood in the water.  Look for Denver to close out this series with a win or at least a cover here.
5/21/2023 - NBAWINNER
#542 Miami Heat +3 (8:30 edt) TNT
Just have to love Miami here at home and getting points.  All the Heat have done is dominate the playoffs and now they are getting points at home from a team they have just beaten 2 games in a row in Boston.  Only one way to look here and that is the way of the Heat.