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Golden Contender, a sports wagering consultant, is known and respected nationwide for his no nonsense approach and work ethic. Beating the books takes a lot of hard work and strong information.Golden Contender leaves no stone unturned - every game on the board is thoroughly analyzed. A tremendous amount of time is taken handicapping the games, utilizing many factors to determine the outcomes. The combination of time backed technical systems with situational and fundamental idealogies provide a clear cut advantage. After analyzing all of the day's data, he then turns to powerful offshore information to put it all together. Gc has solid offshore contacts who provide information on where the sharp money is going as well as what the squares who reload their accounts weekly are playing. The combination of solid 'capping and offshore steam, together with superior money management make for solid investments. These selections can be wagered on with confidence. If you are tired of all the usual promises and service hype and want to play with a reputable source who wagers on his own selections, now is the time to jump on board.

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This Pick can not be bought with Free CreditGC:100% 5* NBA Playoff Payofff Power System Play
Instant Purchase NBA $39.99
Date: 6/12/2021
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This Pick can not be bought with Free CreditGC:100% 5* NBA Playoff Payofff Power System Play
Instant Purchase NBA $24.99
Date: 6/12/2021
$$ NBA Long term Historical NBA Banger System- UNDEFEATED $$ ** NBA 4-1 Run Playoffs Cashing 74% Last 4 Years ** On Saturday the NBA 5* Court Crusher is up and Backed with ANOTHER Long term NBA Perfect Historical System. Rob has been Killing it in the Playoffs. Get on this BANGER NOW

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6/11/2021 - NBALOSER

NBA GUARANTEED Court Crusher on Denver. Game 534 at 10:00 eastern. Expect a spirited effort from a Nuggets team that wont want to be down 3-0 in the series. Off to the database we see that round 2 road teams up 2-0 are a lousy 41-60 all time. Since 2010 road teams off 4 wins , the last 2 at home and the prior on the road are 0-7 straight up and Ats. Denver is 10-1 off back to back losses, 4-1 at home vs Phoenix and have covers in 4 of 5 as a favorite. The Suns have failed to cover 14 of 20 in Denver and 4 of 5 on the road  vs. 600 or better teams. Look for Denver to take game 3.

BONUS TOTAL- Denver is 15-0 Over when playing off 2 losses. Play OVER

6/11/2021 - MLBWINNER
The N.L. Power System Play is on The NY. Mets. Game 908 at 7:10 eastern. The Mets have deGrom going and his under 1 era against San Diego and Snell who rarely makes it to 6 innings this year, There are 2 huge power systems in this game. One is 1-23 against the Padres and pertain then being road dogs in this range of a -200 or higher home favored loss scoring 2 or less runs vs a team that was favored. The Mets fit a play on system for teams that are a home favorite and coming in off a 5+ run road favored win scoring 10 or more runs vs a team that lost by 2 or more at home with 4 or less hits. These home teams are 16-1. Backed with the Power of the database and the BEST pitcher in the game we will make it the Mets tonight.
6/11/2021 - MLBWINNER
Friday night HOT SIDE CHICAGO Whitesox-Game 915 at 9:10 eastern. The Sox are 29-4 vs leftys since last year, 5-0 as a road favorite off  a home game and 5-1 here as a road favorite. Giolitio has won all 3 starts here in Detroit and he has right Back home loss revenge for a home loss on Saturday vs Skubal and Detroit. Play on The Whites
6/11/2021 - OTHERLOSER
The French Open play is on Nadal over the Joker at 1:35 eastern. We had Nadal over The Joker last year here and Nadal has won the last 5 clay matches against him. Novak knows he wont win on this surface against Nadal and he has struggled in this tournament this year even getting down sets to none before escaping in the 3rd round. Nadal has won all 8 meetings here in their series and likely whips The Joker in 3 sets here. Lay the -5 game spread
6/10/2021 - NBALOSER
NBA Platinum Supreme Move on The LA. Clippers at 10:00 eastern. Move on the Clippers
6/10/2021 - NBAWINNER
The NBA  Play is on Milwaukee on the Money line Game 522 at 7:30 eastern. Much like the Jazz on Tuesday the Money line offers solid value as this line shoots up to 4 or more. The Bucks fit a a few variation of Game 3 home teams off back to back losses. One  that is perfect plays on home favorites off back to back losses at -1.5 or more if they won as a road favorite in the prior game. These teams are 8-0 since 1995. Teams like the Nets in round 2 on the road off a pair of home wins are 41-60 all time in round 2. The Host in this series has won 5 straight. The Nets are 1-4 as a dog while the Bucks are 6-1 at home vs a team with a winning road record. Teams off a blowout loss as Bad as what Happened to Milwaukee in game 2 usually respond big in game three. Play on Milwaukee to Win straight up.
6/10/2021 - MLBPUSH
MLB Executive LEVEL TIER 1 on Washington. Game 958 at 7:05 eastern. Move on the Nationals
6/10/2021 - MLBWINNER
Early Play on the LA. Dodgers at 12:35 eastern. LA is an amazing 61-2 in the last game of a series if favored at -200 or more, hit a home run in last game and starter has a 3.90 or less Era. LA also fits a powerful 49-3 last game of series system and a 212-219 road favorite system. LAY it with LA
6/9/2021 - NBAWINNER

The NBA Western Conference Power Pay is on Phoenix. Game 512 at 9:35 eastern. This game fits the solid 22-1 System Below and also a secondary system that has road dogs at 0-12 straight up and 3-9 ats if they are road dogs and are off a road dog loss and a prior road dog win and a home win three back. The Suns are rolling right now winners of 4 straight and covers in 7 of 8 as a playoff favorite. They have a 13-3 spread mark at home vs winning road teams. Denver has failed to cover 4 of 5 on the road vs .600 or better teams. With home teams in round 2 game 2 off a win standing at 103-53 all time we will stay at home with Phoenix.


ATS:   22-1

May 08, 2006recapMon2005SunsClippershome130-1231&6-5.5208.071.545.023.221.8WWO0

Apr 29, 2007recapSun2006NetsRaptorshome102-811&1-4.0191.02117.0-8.04.5-12.5WWU0

Apr 20, 2008recapSun2007LakersNuggetshome128-1144&3-8.0223.5146.018.512.26.2WWO0

Apr 23, 2008recapWed2007LakersNuggetshome122-1072&2-8.5229.5156.5-0.53.0-3.5WWU0

Apr 19, 2009recapSun2008LakersJazzhome113-1004&4-12.0210.0131.

Apr 21, 2009recapTue2008CavaliersPistonshome94-822&2-11.5177.5120.5-1.5-0.5-1.0WWU0

May 03, 2009recapSun2008NuggetsMaverickshome109-953&4-6.5206.5147.5-2.52.5-5.0WWU0

Apr 26, 2010recapMon2009BucksHawkshome111-1041&11.5190.078.525.016.88.2WWO0

May 24, 2011recapTue2010HeatBullshome101-931&1-5.0179.

May 08, 2014recapThu2013HeatNetshome94-821&1-7.5191.5124.5-15.5-5.5-10.0WWU0

May 08, 2014recapThu2013SpursTrailblazershome114-971&1-7.0208.01710.03.06.5-3.5WWO0

Apr 19, 2016recapTue2015SpursGrizzlieshome94-681&1-18.0187.5268.0-25.5-8.8-16.8WWU0

May 24, 2016recapTue2015ThunderWarriorshome118-941&11.5222.02425.5-10.07.8-17.8WWU0

Apr 19, 2017recapWed2016WarriorsTrailblazershome110-812&2-14.0219.02915.0-28.0-6.5-21.5WWU0

Apr 22, 2017recapSat2016GrizzliesSpurshome110-1081&15.0185.

Apr 21, 2018recapSat2017PelicansTrailblazershome131-1231&1-7.0217.

Apr 22, 2018recapSun2017WizardsRaptorshome106-981&11.5217.089.5-13.0-1.8-11.2WWU0

May 15, 2018recapTue2017CelticsCavaliershome107-941&10.0203.01313.0-2.05.5-7.5WWU0

Jun 03, 2018recapSun2017WarriorsCavaliershome122-1032&2-12.0216.5197.

Apr 17, 2019recapWed2018RocketsJazzhome118-982&2-6.5212.52013.53.58.5-5.0WWO0

May 05, 2019recapSun2018SeventysixersRaptorshome96-1012&20.0214.5-5-5.0-17.5-11.2-6.2LLU0

Oct 06, 2020recapTue2019HeatLakershome96-1021&17.5218.5-61.5-20.5-9.5-11.0LWU0

Jun 05, 2021recapSat2020NetsBuckshome115-1073&6-4.0239.584.0-17.5-6.8-10.8WWU0

Jun 09, 2021recapWed2020SunsNuggetshome1&1-6.0222.0

6/9/2021 - MLBWINNER
MLB Platinum Supreme Move on LA. Angels. Game 920 at 9:30 eastern. Move on the LAA Tonight