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The Hoops Guru 4-3 57.14%
This guy knows more about College Basketball than anyone in the Country! He is a Complete Handicapper with a strong emphasis on Fundamental Handicapping, The Ratings of the Hoops Guru's games is very simple, Double Unit plays and Triple Unit plays. A unit is determined to be your average amount wagered at any given time.
Bottom Line Sports 3-2 60.00%
At Bottom Line Sports only one thing matters and that is if we make you money! We will win and we will win big! Regardless if it is a big favorite, a big dog or somewhere in-between we will win for you! Our games are all rated the same HUGE! Remember one thing to win at sports gambling it is all about information and baby we got the best info in the biz! INFO over back fited trends ALWAYS WINS!
The Consensus Group 3-2 60.00%
The Consensus Group is a team of the strongest handicapping experts in the Nation that have joined forces to bring you Guaranteed Winners!
Tex Green 4-2 66.67%
Tex Green is a retired Las Vegas sports wagering director and he says, "I absolutely love the Guaranteed Picks format. In this industry, this format has more integrity than anything ever before it. I DO NOT WANT ANYONE PAYING FOR LOSERS!"
Play of the Day Sports 1-0 100.00%
Are you looking for ONE BIG PLAY? Look no further as PLAY A DAY SPORTS is your source for that BIG WINNER! We are made up of three proven handicappers that know how to WIN! So if you need one big winner, we have what you are looking for! Get ready to WIN and WIN BIG one WINNER at a time!
The Experts 1-0 100.00%
Five of the Nations Top Handicappers have joined forces to provide you with the Best Winning Information in the Sports Betting World! Each of these five handicappers brings their own special handicapping technique to the table to produce winners. So when your are putting your hard earned money on the line to cash the big ticket wouldn't be wise to go with an EXPERT!!!
Insiders Sports Network 1-0 100.00%
In the world of Sports Wagering it is all about information, those that have it and those that think they have it! We have a vast network of sources that supply us with our info! We do not rate our games and we do not play games of the week, month or year. There is no need for that form of hype as every one of our selections is strong, yes as strong as a game of the year, every day of the year!
William Kidd 2-0 100.00%
William Kidd is proud to be a member of as his "high percentage selections" are perfect for this pay after you win service. William's games are rated as Single Play Selections, Double Play selection and when William isolates what he considers a very strong selection with the highest probability of winning, these strong selections will be rated as Triple Plays!
Kevin Francis 1-0 100.00%
Kevin does not play a lot of games as he is very selective and makes sure he has all the angles covered before putting his money down on a game. Thus, Kevin has a very high return on his money. As we all know, it is all about making money or why waste your time! This is a very precise operation and only the top of all plays are considered for Kevins ticket.
Kevin Thomas 12-9 57.14%
I have been capping for well over 14 years and in that time I have learned one thing how to be successful. I give out winners daily 1-5 depending on the number of games. Tons of research goes into every play to give us our best option for PROFIT.
Jimmy Moore 6-3 66.67%
Jimmy is a noted NFL and hoops guru and plays the pucks as well. Jimmy has been a consultant for other services over the past 12 years and is now in his 5th year on where he has been very good on his big plays. So get Moore winners and win Moore money today from Jimmy!

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