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Mike Neri 3-2 60.00%
When Mike Neri's name is mentioned in the sports handicapping industry two words come to mind, WINNING and HONESTY! Mike is regarded as the Nation's Number One Sports Handicapper. Winning is everything to Mike as he has NEVER had a losing season in any sport in his handicapping career! So if you interested in investing your hard earned money go with the PROVEN WINNER...Mike Neri!
Steam On-Line 4-2 66.67%
At Steam On-Line Sports we use all three forms of Handicapping: Fundamental, Situational and Technical. We spend countless hours every day analyzing the days games to determine our winners! If you are looking for QUALITY not QUANTITY then go with us!
The Millionaires Club 14-5 73.68%
Every selection we release is our Game of the Year! We only release strong selections as we cater to High Rollers that play large sums of money on our selections. We tend to release about five to seven selections a week. If your a High Roller and have the discipline to play an average of one play per day than we have what your looking for.
Sports Brokers 10-6 62.50%
Like our name states we are Sports Brokers. We study the sports service industry for the hot handicappers and the respected names that have a solid reputation with their handicapping. Our selections are rated all the same with NO GAME OF THE YEARS! We are in this for the LONG RUN so sit back and let us do the work for you!
Bottom Line Sports 4-3 57.14%
At Bottom Line Sports only one thing matters and that is if we make you money! We will win and we will win big! Regardless if it is a big favorite, a big dog or somewhere in-between we will win for you! Our games are all rated the same HUGE! Remember one thing to win at sports gambling it is all about information and baby we got the best info in the biz! INFO over back fited trends ALWAYS WINS!
Andrew Powers 5-4 55.56%
Andrew Powers of Power Play Sports Service has become one of the most honored handicappers in the world. Andrew knows many of you are busy professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking for strong investment opportunities while enjoying your favorite sports. When you invest with Power Pick Sports you are investing your money with a handicapper that has a proven track record and knows how to win!
The Consensus Group 3-1 75.00%
The Consensus Group is a team of the strongest handicapping experts in the Nation that have joined forces to bring you Guaranteed Winners!
Computer Crushers 2-0 100.00%
There Back!!! The famous COMPUTER CRUSHERS!!! Here is how it works, our computer plays each game a 1000 times and rates the games from top to bottom according to who has the best chance of covering the spread! It's that easy! Are you ready to Win? Than join us every day for the top CRUSHER Play of the day!
Wizard of Odds 2-0 100.00%
There is no other human alive that knows more about Numbers and Sports when you combined the two you have a lethal combination that KILLS Bookmakers! The Wizard of Odds knows more about the number than anyone. There are no ratings, there are no games of the year! There are just Winners! So make sure you join the Wizard of Odds for his Winning Spell each and every day!
Tom Stryker 3-0 100.00%
Tom Stryker offers you 25 years of experience. Stryker likes to use the perfect blend of two decades of experience as well as emotional, statistical, and technical support to back up his selections. Tom helped assemble one of the most powerful football and basketball databases in the nation. This incredible software holds over 100 profitable situations with ATS records topping 90 percent.
Play of the Day Sports 11-6 64.71%
Are you looking for ONE BIG PLAY? Look no further as PLAY A DAY SPORTS is your source for that BIG WINNER! We are made up of three proven handicappers that know how to WIN! So if you need one big winner, we have what you are looking for! Get ready to WIN and WIN BIG one WINNER at a time!
Hockey Guru 5-3 62.50%
We finally got our guy! We have been trying to sign this guy for the last five years! He goes by a different name on other sites but on YouWinNOW we call him the HOCKEY GURU! He knows more about Hockey than anyone on the planet! His selections are all rated one way...HUGE! No ratings just WINNERS! Join the STRONGEST HOCKEY HANDICAPPER now on Do not miss these winners!
Tex Green 10-4 71.43%
Tex Green is a retired Las Vegas sports wagering director and he says, "I absolutely love the Guaranteed Picks format. In this industry, this format has more integrity than anything ever before it. I DO NOT WANT ANYONE PAYING FOR LOSERS!"
Sports Investment Group 1-0 100.00%
We have the BEST handicappers in the world on our team! When you decide to invest your hard earned money in one of our guaranteed selections you will not be disappointed in the results. Every selection we release is backed by hours of work and investigation. You must remember there are no sure things but our selections are the closest thing to a sure thing! All selections are rated as ONE UNIT!
Jeffrey James 5-1 83.33%
Jeffrey has a very simple concept, find the best play on the board each day and hammer it hard. Jeffrey doesn't play for action he plays to win. If you just simply want the best play on the board each day, regardless of the sport, then Jeffery is the handicapper for you.

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