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Dr Baseball 7-1 87.50%
Dr Baseball has been an Insider of the handicapping world for a long time and we are proud to have him on He only handicaps baseball. Games are rated as Singles, Double, Triples, Home Runs and Grand Slam selections. Grand Slam selections are his strongest plays! Last year was the Doctors BEST season ever as he finished the year at 261-113 for PLUS $10,620 playing just $100 per game! Long term packages will be available in two weeks, after the season gets rolling!
The Millionaires Club 7-2 77.78%
Every selection we release is our Game of the Year! We only release strong selections as we cater to High Rollers that play large sums of money on our selections. We tend to release about five to seven selections a week. If your a High Roller and have the discipline to play an average of one play per day than we have what your looking for.
David Watts 4-3 57.14%
I guess you would consider David Watts the new Kid on the block. Forming "Sunshine Sports" in Florida five years ago, David is well Known for his aggressive style of fundamental handicapping. Unlike some handicappers David is a hands on guy, wagering on all plays he releases to the public. David rates his plays simply 3,4,5 stars, suggesting these are the units you should play.
Andrew Powers 3-0 100.00%
Andrew Powers of Power Play Sports Service has become one of the most honored handicappers in the world. Andrew knows many of you are busy professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking for strong investment opportunities while enjoying your favorite sports. When you invest with Power Pick Sports you are investing your money with a handicapper that has a proven track record and knows how to win!
System Sports 2-1 66.67%
You have Entered the System Zone! No one in the industry has more winning systems than we do! We have the Biggest and Strongest Sports System Library in the Nation! Our Systems Make Sense! We not only give you the Winners but the reasons why the game will be a winner! So If you like Winning Systems you will love System Sports! And, you will love all the Winners!!!
The Hitman 1-0 100.00%
As head of HitMan Sports, Jack Walker is one of the most respected handicappers in the world. Walker and his team pride themselves for spotting and exploiting value in the line. Walker rates his selections on strength and the way he is personally playing that particular game. Make an investment with the "Hitman" today! It's your best move - Guaranteed!
Play of the Day Sports 19-6 76.00%
Are you looking for ONE BIG PLAY? Look no further as PLAY A DAY SPORTS is your source for that BIG WINNER! We are made up of three proven handicappers that know how to WIN! So if you need one big winner, we have what you are looking for! Get ready to WIN and WIN BIG one WINNER at a time!
Insiders Sports Network 1-0 100.00%
In the world of Sports Wagering it is all about information, those that have it and those that think they have it! We have a vast network of sources that supply us with our info! We do not rate our games and we do not play games of the week, month or year. There is no need for that form of hype as every one of our selections is strong, yes as strong as a game of the year, every day of the year!
Elite Sports Circle 1-0 100.00%
These five gentlemen combine for 60 plus years of handicapping excellence. They joined forces two years ago to form the ELITE SPORTS CIRCLE. Why choose the CIRCLE? No one is sure who provoked them to go public, but we are very glad they have. There are no fancy ratings from these gentlemen just winners. The CIRCLE is complete, the Winning start's now.
Wizard of Odds 2-0 100.00%
There is no other human alive that knows more about Numbers and Sports when you combined the two you have a lethal combination that KILLS Bookmakers! The Wizard of Odds knows more about the number than anyone. There are no ratings, there are no games of the year! There are just Winners! So make sure you join the Wizard of Odds for his Winning Spell each and every day!
Big Al McMordie 10-7 58.82%
Big Al McMordie is a featured handicapper on national television and radio programs. Since 1992, Big Al has put together 18 winning years of 23, and has garnered an awesome 39 NUMBER ONE AWARDS in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Al won the prestigious 2004 Stardust Football handicapping championship, and is the most honored technical handicapper in the country.
Jack Seven 4-1 80.00%
I have been in business for 3 years. I am a specialist in Statistics and Analytic Models with a Math/Stats degree from UCLA. I have come up with my own algorithms for game charts and predictions.
Jimmy Moore 6-4 60.00%
Jimmy is a noted NFL and hoops guru and plays the pucks as well. Jimmy has been a consultant for other services over the past 12 years and is now in his 5th year on where he has been very good on his big plays. So get Moore winners and win Moore money today from Jimmy!
Rocketman Sports 2-0 100.00%
Rocketman Sports has been handicapping since 1996. During that time we have had several #1 finishes in various sports and numerous Top 5 and Top 10 finishes at several monitors. Consistency is the name of the game and we do it well. STOP GAMBLING and START INVESTING and remember that Sports Wagering is a marathon and not a sprint. We handicap NFL, CFB, NBA, CBB, NHL, MLB and Nascar currently.
Anthony Michael 6-0 100.00%
Anthony LOVES watching and betting the TV games in every sport. If you like to watch the games you bet then Anthony is the handicapper for you. He is young and agreesive in his plays so Anthony is not for the meek of heart. Watch and win with Anthony Micheal

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