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Dr Baseball 5-1 83.33%
Dr Baseball has been an Insider of the handicapping world for a long time and we are proud to have him on He only handicaps baseball. Games are rated as Singles, Double, Triples, Home Runs and Grand Slam selections. Grand Slam selections are his strongest plays! Last year was the Doctors BEST season ever as he finished the year at 261-113 for PLUS $10,620 playing just $100 per game! Long term packages will be available in two weeks, after the season gets rolling!
Sports Brokers 2-0 100.00%
Like our name states we are Sports Brokers. We study the sports service industry for the hot handicappers and the respected names that have a solid reputation with their handicapping. Our selections are rated all the same with NO GAME OF THE YEARS! We are in this for the LONG RUN so sit back and let us do the work for you!
The Hoops Guru 7-0 100.00%
This guy knows more about College Basketball than anyone in the Country! He is a Complete Handicapper with a strong emphasis on Fundamental Handicapping, The Ratings of the Hoops Guru's games is very simple, Double Unit plays and Triple Unit plays. A unit is determined to be your average amount wagered at any given time.
System Sports 1-0 100.00%
You have Entered the System Zone! No one in the industry has more winning systems than we do! We have the Biggest and Strongest Sports System Library in the Nation! Our Systems Make Sense! We not only give you the Winners but the reasons why the game will be a winner! So If you like Winning Systems you will love System Sports! And, you will love all the Winners!!!
The Hitman 1-0 100.00%
As head of HitMan Sports, Jack Walker is one of the most respected handicappers in the world. Walker and his team pride themselves for spotting and exploiting value in the line. Walker rates his selections on strength and the way he is personally playing that particular game. Make an investment with the "Hitman" today! It's your best move - Guaranteed!
Elite Sports Circle 1-0 100.00%
These five gentlemen combine for 60 plus years of handicapping excellence. They joined forces two years ago to form the ELITE SPORTS CIRCLE. Why choose the CIRCLE? No one is sure who provoked them to go public, but we are very glad they have. There are no fancy ratings from these gentlemen just winners. The CIRCLE is complete, the Winning start's now.
William Kidd 1-0 100.00%
William Kidd is proud to be a member of as his "high percentage selections" are perfect for this pay after you win service. William's games are rated as Single Play Selections, Double Play selection and when William isolates what he considers a very strong selection with the highest probability of winning, these strong selections will be rated as Triple Plays!
Wise Guy Insider 1-0 100.00%
I am a Professional Sports Gambler with over 25 years of Winning Experience! I am in constant contact with other "Wise Guys" from around the country and I win the old fashioned way: HARD WORK, Consistency and Discipline. I bet on ALL of my selections. I rate my selections as Single, Double and Triple plays and they should be played accordingly with Triple Plays being my strongest selection.
Tom Stryker 1-0 100.00%
Tom Stryker offers you 25 years of experience. Stryker likes to use the perfect blend of two decades of experience as well as emotional, statistical, and technical support to back up his selections. Tom helped assemble one of the most powerful football and basketball databases in the nation. This incredible software holds over 100 profitable situations with ATS records topping 90 percent.
Play of the Day Sports 12-3 80.00%
Are you looking for ONE BIG PLAY? Look no further as PLAY A DAY SPORTS is your source for that BIG WINNER! We are made up of three proven handicappers that know how to WIN! So if you need one big winner, we have what you are looking for! Get ready to WIN and WIN BIG one WINNER at a time!
Chris James Sports 2-1 66.67%
Chris James Sports is an honest and reliable sports handicapping website. I've been around this business for a long time and I've connected with a lot of people in this industry and I use those contacts to provide winning information to my clients!! I will not win for you every day. I will not win every week. I will not win every month. But I will win for you consistently over the long term, and in this business that's what it's about. Join Chris James and start building your bankroll today!
Home Field Advantage 2-1 66.67%
Home Field Advantage will give you the comfort of having the "Home Field Advantage" whenever you play our plays - home team, road team, or over/unders. We give soccer O/U plays all year round. We also give U.S. sports - football, basketball, & baseball. We are VERY SELECTIVE on the plays we release. Our main & only goal is to MAKE YOU MONEY. Once you try us, you will be hooked.
Jimmy Moore 4-1 80.00%
Jimmy is a noted NFL and hoops guru and plays the pucks as well. Jimmy has been a consultant for other services over the past 12 years and is now in his 5th year on where he has been very good on his big plays. So get Moore winners and win Moore money today from Jimmy!
Michael Nance 3-0 100.00%
Michael Nance is a professional handicapper with twenty years of progressive experience. Dedicated performer, going that extra mile to meet aggresive goals. Retired by the age of forty. Michael is going to help you do the same. Picking winners has been a way of life for him.
Tex Green 6-1 85.71%
Tex Green is a retired Las Vegas sports wagering director and he says, "I absolutely love the Guaranteed Picks format. In this industry, this format has more integrity than anything ever before it. I DO NOT WANT ANYONE PAYING FOR LOSERS!"

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