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I have been handicapping full-time since 2012 working for big money clients on their sports investing. Before doing that I worked behind the scenes for several local books making sure the line they were giving out to the clients they were serving were designed to bring them the most profit. I felt like after talking to my friends Mitch and Craig it was time to bring my expertise in sports investing to his many clients and customers at an affordable price. I specialize in MLB,NFL,CFB Bowls and post season College Basketball. My plays are rated below they come in 2 ratings and I follow a strict money structure of betting the same specified amount on 9* plays and a special specified amount on 10* plays.

9* This play should be bet at 500 dollars
10* This play should be given a 1000 dollars investment

For smaller bankrolls I say cut the above amount in half and buy a plan of mine long term to maximize your profits since you will be investing less money.

Plays are normally out before 10am ET

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DateW/LTypeHandicapper Selection
2/27/2020WINNERCollege Basketball
Brian’s 10* CBB President’s Choice
Win streaks collide here as both teams desperately need the win here on Thursday but I think the need being on both sides lends this game to be very close and I really see this game coming down to who has the basketball last. Feeling that way its a no brainer to take the points here and Wisconsin. These teams have not met since last year when Michigan got the win. Look for a very defensive low scoring game here.
Invest 10 units on Wisconsin rotation #613
2/26/2020WINNERCollege Basketball
Brian’s 10* CBB SEC GOM
Huge game for the Gators here at home they must have some resume wins and this for sure would be one. Also look to get revenge for their loss at LSU this Florida Gators team is much better then their 17-10 record and will not be happy after their loss at Kentucky. Florida has assuredly under performed this season but I think you will see them start a winning run tonite. I think the books are trying to scare guys off of Florida.
Invest 10 units on Florida rotation #842
Brian’s 10* NBA Pound Zone
Raptors have a ton to prove sitting at 7 games behind the first place Bucks and sitting at home as a slight dog books are getting big money bet on the road Bucks but this Raptors team has come up huge all season. I think they step up here and are more motivated to get the win.
Invest 10 units on the Raptors here rotation #578
2/24/2020WINNERCollege Basketball
Brian’s 10* CBB Executive Info Winner
Texas has had a down year and we might see a move to replace the head coach because the Longhorns have the talent in the program and are to good to pass up getting almost 6 at home here. I think you saw some life with them over their last two games albeit versus inferior talent but I see them going all out here to get a win and try to run the table. 4 wins would get them to 20 and a nice statement win over a ranked WVU team might get them in the big dance along with a strong conference tourney showing.
Invest 10 units on Texas here rotation #872
2/23/2020WINNERCollege Basketball
Brian’s 10* CBB Pound Zone
These are the type of games that Indiana fans live for as the Hoosiers get a chance to add a top ten victory to their tourney resume. Penn State off a hard home loss to Illinois now take to the road to play a Indiana team that is 13-3 at home this season SU. Indiana looks to payback a 64-49 loss last month to this team.
Invest 10 units on Indiana rotation #822
2/22/2020WINNERCollege Basketball
Brian’s 10* CBB A-10 Game of the Year
Absolute gigantic game for the Bonnies of St. Bonaventure yes they lost last time out but they got caught with their pants down in that one looking past Davidson toward Richmond. Richmond sitting fat and happy winners of 5 straight game. Public loving up on the road Spiders but not me I am going with the home team here.
Invest 10 units on St.Bonaventure rotation #736
2/21/2020WINNERCollege Basketball
Brian’s 10* NBA Executive Info Winner
Bettors are still not woken to the fact that the Thunder are a team that needs to be taken seriously this season and looking at the betting heavy numbers on the Nuggets proves that as they pour on money on the road Nuggets here. Love how the Thunder play and they will be motivated tonight on national T.V. To show everyone they will be a contender all the way through. Look for a solid start to finish game from Oklahoma City tonight.
Invest 10 units on the Thunder rotation #524
Brian’s 10* NBA After Hours Winner
I really feel like the Sacramento Kings will really come together in the second half of the season much in the way the Grizzlies shot up fast in the firs half of the year. So much young talent on Sacramento I easily see them getting this done at home and to get some points also is a bonus.
Invest 10 units on Sacramento rotation #510
2/19/2020WINNERCollege Basketball
Brian’s 10* CBB ACC Investment
This is the spot I think you see the real Louisville team after having lost 2 straight games both on the road I think they come home tonight and send a message to the rest of the ACC plus winning by 10 or more is crucial at home when your looking to make one of the top spots in the big dance in March. Blowout here.
Invest 10 units on Louisville rotation #786
2/18/2020LOSERCollege Basketball
Brian’s 10* CBB President’s Choice
Baylor yes have gotten me more then a few times this year but I think we are getting great value here with Oklahoma here Thanks to all the winning Baylor has done. Oklahoma comes in 16-9 and 11-1 at home SU. This team got blown out at Kansas and embarrassed on Saturday but they know they need resume wins and this one here would get them into the big dance. This is also a revenge spot for Oklahoma that lost just a few weeks back by 4 points at Baylor. Love the value with Oklahoma at home.
Invest 10 units on Oklahoma rotation #638